carpets damp? walls Mouldy? paint peeling?

seal bath perimeters

now for only (save 33%)


seal leaking balconies

now only (save 44%)


seal leaking showers - base seal

now only (save 30%)


Single shower full seal

now only (save 13%)


shower tray seal

now only (save 15%)


bathroom makeovers

silicone work

general re-grout work


WHY choose water leak king

We do not use contractors. All out technicians are employees of Water Leak King, which means we take the time, care and pride to do the jobs right.

25-year Warranty Guaranteed! Be in comfort with our service guarantees

All staff covered by workers compensation. We offer you 100% satisfaction!

All work done by Water Leak King staff are fully insured

We take great care to colour match grout - because we care as much as you do how the finished product looks

Every shower base is sealed with high quality and highly durable EPOXY grout

by letting us into your home,you also become part of the water leak king family

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Pressure test the breach pipe
Seal behind taps  
Grind out floor grout, score shower perimeter with diamond tip drill, apply epoxy seal to base & perimeter
Inspect & seal the floor waste drain

Score floor junctions using a die grinder then apply epoxy seal to base & junctions

Replace internal silicone on the shower screen and wall junctions

Apply a final tile and grout sealant to the entire area

strata & real estate agencies we work with

Water Leak King

seal leaking showers & balconies without removing tiles

Carpets damp? Walls mouldy? Paint Peeling? These are sure signs your shower or balcony is leaking! Act now to avoid further damage and cost!!

Water Leak King offer a cost effective way to seal your shower, bath or balcony without removing tiles. We use a specially formulated epoxy seal that is so effective & durable we can comfortably offer an unconditional 25 year guarantee.

Areas We Service

All Brisbane Suburbs

Servicing All Of Brisbane


07 3532 3249

How much will it cost?

We will always be upfront on the cost and only charge for what repair is needed. A standard Shower Base Seal is only $580 and guaranteed! If any other repairs are needed we will advise on-site. We do this because we don’t want you to pay for services you may not need. Balconies and other services we quote on inspection.

In most cases Water Leak King can repair leaks without the need or cost of removing tiles

what our clients say

Ian Murray

After a bad experience I had with a plumber, I was referred to give Water Leak King a go. I am so pleased with the outcome. The service was so affordable and professional, I can’t thank you enough for not only saving me money but also time.

Gladice Huddson

My shower had been leaking for quite some time and I was charged a fair bit previously to fix the leak but it soon came back. I thought I’d try Water Leak King because they were local and very friendly over the phone. It has been a few months since they came out to fix the leak and I haven’t seen a drop of water leak from my shower since. Thank you for all your help, I will definitely spread the word.

Johnson Donnocan

As a new home owner it is risky when choosing someone for a whole bathroom makeover. But with Water Leak King, every single aspect was covered. From the positioning of everything to the grout colour that was perfectly matched to the tiles I had chosen. Well done guys, I couldn’t be happier!


steps we take


Pressure test the breachpipe (if required)


Seal behind taps, and replace washers (where possible)


Grind out existing floor grout and score the shower perimeter with our diamond tip drill bits then apply our epoxy seal to the base and perimeter


Inspect and seal the floor waste (drain).


Score the floor perimetre using a die grinder with our diamond tip drill bits then apply our epoxy seal to the base and perimetre.


Replace internal silicone on the shower screen and wall junctions


Apply a final tile and grout sealant to the entire area

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